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Consulting Services

Increased operating costs in a down economy require cost efficiencies in the operations and maintenance of your facility, but without jeopardizing compliance. Our qualified staff of licensed operators and trained mechanics provides our customers with experienced professionals to deliver cost savings through plant efficiencies (e.g., labor, electricity, chemicals, bio-solids handling, etc.) of your treatment facility.

In addition, with the ever-changing state and federal regulatory requirements of water and wastewater treatment, our extensive knowledge of advanced treatment technologies and various types of treatment processes provides our customers with qualified experts to troubleshoot your facility's sluggish or failed treatment process to recommend plant/equipment upgrades, if and when necessary.

M&B offers the following services for facility and equipment costs and operational efficiencies and process improvements when and where necessary:


Provide a written performance review of the daily operations, preventive maintenance and planned maintenance performed by your staff. Prepare and compare a staffing plan to the existing staff to determine over or under staffing needs.


Thoroughly examine the entire treatment process from influent to effluent to determine poor chemical and/or biological imbalance in the treatment process and hydraulic overloading or mechanical bottlenecks in the facility/equipment design.


Prepare a list of all equipment with life expectancy and replacement costs for immediate and future capital improvements up to twenty years out.


Perform plant and equipment evaluation to determine necessary upgrades based on current and future flows and regulatory requirements.